Sunshine English Project

Bringing English Language Education to Esteli, Nicaragua

About Sunshine

To give the children of Estelí the skills and knowledge to develop themselves personally, economically, and socially through learning English and other developmental activities.

Barrio Villa Esperanza is a deprived neighborhood on the outskirts of the city of Estelí, Nicaragua. Nicaragua is the second poorest country in Latin America and the Caribbean. The barrio has a population of approximately 500, mainly composed of families of 8 or more.

Most people of working age are employed in tobacco farms or the produce market in the city. Neither of these employments gives parents the resources to provide opportunities for their children. Most children only complete primary school and spend their free time at home alone, as their parents are always out of the house working. They do not have the opportunity to go to university or even learn a vocational profession.

These conditions result in many children on the streets, taking drugs, drinking, etc. as there is no safe space for them to spend their free time, get support, or do extracurricular activities.

The goal of the school is to involve all the children from the barrio in the activities, not only in the classroom, but also giving them the chance to discover what they have around the area where they live and to take advantage of the resources. This will help them to learn how important is to take care of the environment where they live in order to see good results in the end.

I decided to create the school in this barrio because in the city center there are many English schools and the children from the barrios do not have the access to these schools due to that they live so far from the center and a general lack of money to pay for English classes or any other type of education. I grew up in the rural areas of Estelí and therefore know how hard it is to get resources to study, as well as having parents who want to help their kids but lack the resources to do so.

Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Here

The only way to get there is by foot, or if you have own car.

How many students are part of the school?

The school is open for 35 students from different ages, from 9 to 20 years old, most of the students will be from barrio Villa Esperanza but we are also giving the opportunity to some children from other barrios where there are many children who need help as well.

How to involve the children into the different activities at the school?

We give them a lot of motivation about the importance to participate and learn something new and useful for life, I develop different activities before to start to teach English in order to discover the different abilities of each child, through song, dynamic games, warm up activities, role play, games, all of which will be useful for them.


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